TEDxPenn brought"In/sight" to the stage in 2018.

Our theme is intentionally polysemic—the coexistence of many possible meanings for a word or phrase. 

All good ideas start from somewhere... whether the breakthroughs stem from an initial insight or perhaps they were in sight the whole time, just waiting to be found. The real question is: where will they go next?

Our all-star speaker lineup...

Mark Rober

on using edutainment to 

spark curiosity

Youtuber and Former-NASA Engineer

San Francisco, CA, USA

Chrissy Hofbeck

on life lessons learned by playing Survivor 

Survivor Finalist

Lebanon, NJ, USA

Masao Sako

on the bold quest to search​ for the ninth planet


Philadelphia, PA, USA

Americus Reed

on tapping into brands as a function of identity


Identity Theorist

Philadelphia, PA, USA 

Luam Keflezgy

on combining dance with business to ignite change

Celebrity Choreographer


Colin Morris

on using big data to explain

trends in popular music

Trend Watcher

Toronto, CA

Sarah Rottenberg

on empathy to design for life's most shameful moments

Product Designer

Philadelphia, PA

Stephen Trzeciak

on the power of 40 seconds of compassion

Critical Care Doctor

Camden, NJ, USA

Cynthia Sung

on the role of origami in democratizing robots

Mechanical Engineer

Philadelphia, PA, USA

Gregory Heuer

Jesse Taylor

on using 3D printing technology to separate conjoined twins

CHOP Surgeons

Philadelphia, PA, USA

And three inspiring performers...


on happiness, grit,

resilience, and success

Rapper, Artist, Entrepreneur

Philadelphia, PA, USA

Imani Davis

on the A​frican American queer experience through spoken word

Student and Poet

Philadelphia, PA, USA

Penn Dhamaka

on combining elements from the East and West through dance

Dance Group

Philadelphia, PA, USA

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